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I have a new website!

Mailing List HeaderIt is with great pleasure and bubbling excitement that I welcome you to the ALL NEW!

It has been reimagined to include a blog, an event calendar, all of my social media feeds, oodles of photos, a video page, and even access to stream my original music for free.

SPECIAL THANKS to Ross Barber with Electric Kiwi for the incredible custom site design he did for me; Ashley Sanchez Photography for all of the beautiful website imagery; Kristia Knowles for my awesome headshots; Traci Danielle at Brevard Talent Group for being the agent everyone wishes they had; Stephanie Christie Management and Publicity for helping me get my name out there; and to all of my family, friends, and most loyal fans for inspiring me to make this.

This is for you and I hope you enjoy!


The Hunger Games: Mockingjay

MV5BMTcxNDI2NDAzNl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwODM3MTc2MjE@._V1_SX214_AL_-197x300 The casting process for THG: MJ 1 was EPIC.  The amount of detail, time, passion, and dedication that went into every single step along the way is evident in the final movie and a great testament to the director, Francis Lawrence.

In Mockingjay, I play President Snow’s (played by the incomparable Donald Sutherland) stylist, a godlike creature of a man, lavishly dressed and impressively agile in his 6-inch stiletto boots.

My journey to play this role unfolded over 6 months.  There was a taping, a callback, being put on hold, a search for my perfect “twin” sister, multiple fittings, rehearsals, and a full day of filming that went into my short scene in the movie.  Francis was one of the kindest, calmest directors I’ve ever met.  He is a man who approaches everything with a smile and as an equal, which is quite the feat when you are responsible for a project of this size.  Donald Sutherland is a king of a man… the power and quiet storm that you see in his roles is even stronger in person.  And I got to meet some new friends on set, great actors making great strides.

That level of dedication makes me feel proud to work on this film.  This is a team who sets out to do things right, regardless of time spent.  They know what they want and they will work long and hard until they get it.  I’m a fan of The Hunger Games trilogy and so happy to say that I was able to help bring the film version to life.

Many thanks to my agent, Brevard Talent Group, and Jackie Burch casting!